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Depending on the location and circumstances surrounding an arrest for the sale, transportation, or trafficking of narcotics, you may be facing state or federal charges. At WILL & WILL, LLP, we handle both state and federal drug cases. The penalties for any of these crimes are always severe. And there may be enhancements that can create more problems for you. The police will be looking for several factors to prove that you had the intent to sell/transport/traffic narcotics. Some factors they look for to try and allege the intent to sell/distribute are:
  • Possession of scales/measuring devices
  • Possession of plastic baggies/smaller containers for dividing quantities
  • Possession large amounts of cash and/or the size of the bills themselves
  • Possession of more than one cellular phone/beeper/pager/pda
  • Possession of deadly/dangerous weapons
  • Address books/list of buyers
  • Location of arrest
Manufacturing, delivering, or possessing with intent to deliver or sell a controlled substance is a crime with escalating penalties. The severity of the penalties depends on the drug involved, the quantity of the drug, and the offender's prior criminal record, if any. It is important to note that there are also three crimes that serve as "enhancement crimes." The sentence for these "enhancement crimes" is double or triple what it might otherwise be for distributing that particular amount and type of drug under other circumstances. The 3 enhancement crimes are:
  1. Distributing controlled substances to people who are under 21 years of age.
  2. Distributing controlled substances near a school.
  3. Causing people under the age of 18 to violate drug laws.
Trafficking is another crime in and of itself. For example, bringing drugs over a country’s border, or even interstate, will have different, and harsher penalties than transportation intrastate. If you are facing any of these, or other drug charges, you need a lawyer that knows, understands, and has experience with the varying drug-related offenses. At WILL & WILL, LLP, our lawyers are former prosecutors and career defense attorneys that have one goal: fighting for you. Call or fill out our online contact form for a free consultation.

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