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In contrast to adult court, the primary focus of juvenile court is to rehabilitate juvenile offenders rather than to punish them. Despite this, being charged with a crime as a juvenile can be a very serious and scary time for both the child and his/her parents/guardians. For these reasons, and most importantly, to protect the juvenile’s future, it is in your best interest to get the experienced defense team of WILL & WILL, LLP on your side as soon as possible. 

Juvenile courts are a different animal from adult courts. They have their own set of rules and procedures. For instance, juveniles do not have a right to a jury trial. Instead, their cases can be heard in a court trial where the judge acts the same as a jury would. Moreover, juveniles may not be released on bail the way adults can. Instead of bail, if the alleged crime is not of a serious nature, a juvenile will often be released to his/her parents/guardians custody while the case is pending. If, however, the alleged crime is a serious or violent felony and/or the juvenile has been convicted of a crime in the past, then the District Attorney’s office and the Court may seek to keep the juvenile in custody while the case is pending. In these situations it is vital to have an experienced defense attorney vehemently arguing for the juvenile’s release from custody. This is why you need WILL & WILL, LLP on your case. 

Another area of Juvenile matters that can be of major concern arises when a child of 14 years of age or older is accused of committing a serious felony. In these situations, the court, upon a motion of the prosecutor and subsequent hearing, may transfer the case to adult court. In making this decision, the court will not only consider the seriousness of the current offense, but also the degree of criminal sophistication, the likelihood of rehabilitation, and the juvenile’s prior criminal record. If this happens, none of the protections of being tried as a juvenile apply anymore. Once a case is transferred to adult court, the juvenile will be tried as an adult and face the same possible consequences as an adult. It is crucial to do everything possible to keep a juvenile case out of adult court. The lawyers at WILL & WILL, LLP have experience in dealing with all types of juvenile matters. We will fight as hard as we can in an effort to keep your matter in juvenile court and to resolve it as quickly, easily, and most of all, get the best possible outcome for you. Call WILL & WILL, LLP or fill out our online contact form for a free consultation today. 

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