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In many cases, WILL & WILL, LLP will recommend that our clients hire a private investigator in an effort to uncover evidence favorable to their defense.

The Chief Investigator for WILL & WILL, LLP is Lestelle Investigations

Kathryn Lestelle is the Owner and Qualified Manager of Lestelle Investigations (previously McCleery Investigations). She is licensed in the state of California and has been providing investigative services for twenty plus years in various capacities in Southern California. Her firm has successfully investigated matters covering a vast arena of criminal charges. 

Kathryn has personally worked on over twenty Death Penalty Cases; both at the State and Federal levels; five Federal/State Habeas cases and thousands of civil and criminal cases ranging from simple Assault to Rico & Racketeering to Murder. 

In addition to working the guilt phase of a trial she specializes in penalty phase mitigation investigation and has been classified as a Mitigation Expert in the Riverside Superior Court. 

A member in good standing with the National Legal Aid & Defender Association; the National Alliance of Sentencing Advocates & Mitigation Specialists; the Oregon Criminal Defense Lawyers Association; and the California Association of Licensed Investigators. She carries Special Enforcement Firearms Training Academy certificates for Firearms, Teargas and Oleoresin with concealed firearms permits reciprocal in 38 states. 

Her firm employs both sub-contract and permanent employees. Kathryn contracts with an extensive list of specialists and experts in the criminal justice field that include specialty areas such as Forensic Psychologists, Psychological Testing and Profile Experts; Experts on drug addiction including methamphetamine use; Education Experts and Experts that deal exclusively with socio economic conditions; cause & effect. 

Lestelle Investigations provides unbiased superior quality case management and criminal investigatory services to all clients at every level and is actively involved with pro bono work with various organizations that promote legal aid and justice to national and world causes.

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