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WILL &WILL, LLP works closely with two bail bond companies in an effort to ensure that those of our clients who are in need of bail are dealing with professional, courteous and trusted Bondsmen. As such, we recommend that our clients contact either Premiere Bail Bonds or Rescue Bail Bonds. Both of these companies are fast, effective, reliable, and trustworthy.

In addition to working with a bail bonds company that you know you can trust, indicating to them that you are a retained client of WILL & WILL, LLP will enable you to get a better rate. Once either of these companies know that you have retained WILL & WILL, LLP to represent you, they will be able to write your bond for only 8% of the bail amount instead of the traditional 10%, for a total savings to you of 20%.

You may visit Premiere Bail Bonds and Rescue Bail Bonds on the web at:

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